Saturday, March 30, 2019

Early Bird

Red Nose Day was started in the UK and in 2015 it came to the US.
It's all about the mission to end child poverty, and having been raised in a middle income family in the heart of America in the 60's and 70's, I suppose you could deduce that I don't have any idea how that must feel to a child who perhaps has no roof over their head, no real bed, blanket or pillow, and experiences hunger pangs all day every day. 

Last year I was a bit late in promoting it, and also late in purchasing MY red nose at Walgreens, who supports the project to end child poverty, along with other companies of note.
Because governments around the world have not acted on this 'child starvation' issue in a strong enough way, (and isn't that par for the course?) Red Nose Day and those involved in it (READ THIS) are doing so.

Thursday, May 23rd, is designated as Red Nose Day this year.  You can read more about it

Go ahead.... Put A Nose On It! (from 2017)

Put A Nose On It! - Official Red Nose Day Schools' Song 2017 | Comic Relief

Thanks for reading this regarding helping to end Child hunger and Poverty.

P.S.  The red noses will be sold at Walgreens, with 50 cents going towards child poverty and hunger and the remaining 50 cents goes towards paying for the production of the noses.  Walgreens does not make a profit.

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