Tuesday, March 27, 2018

You Can Support Gun Law Changes Or Look Away As Our Children Die

Gun Control
Look away now if you don't want to read anything on this subject.

First let me say that I am not sure if I am a Democrat or an Independent, but I do know that I have VERY strong feelings about a lot of subjects, red hot issues that are all over the internet and argued about on nearly every social as well as news platform offered.  Once some of these issues started bubbling to the surface some news websites stopped allowing anyone to comment because they didn't care for the way people were interacting with one another.  I enjoy reading any comments people make about gun laws because it makes me consider both sides, and it is from reading both sides that I have drawn my own opinions, regardless of what you think of my stance on the issue..

I don't shy away from stating my views or what another person's views say to me about who they are at their core.  
Here is what I see as conundrums in what I read, and when you are a conundrum I have no problem telling you how ridiculous you sound.

#1 Supporting gun laws as they currently are.

My husband and I own guns, and although I won't say how many, I will say that none of them is a semi-automatic gun that holds 30 bullets or more.  The guns we do own are locked away, since we have no reason to have them lying about where a child in our home or a crazy person could gain access to them. 
My husband was in Viet Nam and knows the damage that semi automatic weapons were designed to do,  They were the weapon of choice in Viet Nam, issued to kill other human beings, and many military veterans will tell you this and also advise that these types of guns should NEVER be in the hands of a civilian, no matter their reason for wanting one.  Target practice?  Hunting?  Because we all know it takes 30 rounds to bring down our dinner for that night's dinner.  
The majority of Americans, 68% in fact, agree that these types of guns need to no longer be sold, and although there are millions of them already in the hands of U.S. citizens, I would like to see those that are legally registered be removed from owners and destroyed.  Sounds a bit over-zealous to you?
Current gun laws need to be changed. 

#2 But you're shoving your opinions down our throat.
That's one way of looking at it, but definitely not how I see it.
We are all allowed opinions, and we certainly don't have to agree with one another nor do we have to respond to another person's Facebook comment.... we can simply walk away.
My opinions may seem extreme to you and not worthy, and you can all pounce on me, bring your Facebook friends to defend you, (that old mob mentality once again), and to be honest you really don't hurt my feelings or change my opinions.
If someone posts on Facebook about one of the hot issues of the year, then they are asking for the opinions of others to be stated... and as I said, I have strong beliefs about gun control.
Your words don't hurt me.
Children are being shot at and killed, so they deserve the right to say whatever they want on a sign they carry in a march, whether YOU think they understand the sign or not.  It's not for you to say that they are not smart enough to understand the words.  KIDS ARE SMART!

#3 Why do people love guns more than their childrens' safety?

They will argue that they don't, and yet they refuse to opt for laws to be passed that DO keep their children safer in our schools.  They argue that it's not the gun, but the crazy person behind the gun that kills.
Is taking the AR-15 away the complete solution?  No. I admit that.
It's a good start though, in mending the hearts of parents who have lost their children to school shootings and keeping perhaps another 17 parents from the nightmare of standing over their 6 year old's grave or their 17 year old's grave.
I shake my head at the stupidity.....yes I said stupidity of some people. 
They will tell you that the problem is mentally ill people.  But how do you identify these people before a shooting with an AR-15 occurs?  Answer that for me.  Sick people have the ability to hide who they truly are.  Yes, even on Facebook.
Some pro gun people don't even realize that they love their guns more than their children.... their words and actions are not in alignment with one another, a conundrum to be sure.
They haven't yet lost a young family member in a school shooting. 

Would you choose to live in a house with asbestos in it that was affecting your child's health if you had the means to move elsewhere?
Would you allow your child to ride in your vehicle without a safety belt just because you like the freedom of not wearing one?
Would you not vote for stricter gun laws just because your relatives like owning and shooting guns?
I certainly don't base my thoughts on gun laws by the responsible actions of a few gun owning relatives.
There are millions of gun owners in America, so what makes a person think that all gun owners are as responsible as their two, or ten relatives who own them?
How naive.

Call me someone with extreme gun law views,
and then change the gun conversation to abortions, which is another discussion for another day, but it's easier for some to just throw an abortion comment  bomb into the gun conversation than discuss the subject at hand in a reasonable way.
Deflect Deflect Deflect.

I'll say it loud and clear.
I think pro-gun people are kidding themselves as we all wait for the next school killing to happen, when once again they will denounce the rest of us for trying to do the right thing.
And yes.... I am trying to persuade them and shove my ideas down their throats.

Oh, and my opinion on this photo:
I think this nine year old child understood exactly what the "Fuck The NRA" sign he was carrying meant.
Kids aren't stupid.
Some are saying it may have been Photoshopped to add the message so that gun law change advocates who marched can be chastised.  I'm not privy to whether it is or not, but you can bet he knows what it means if he is nine years old and his parents allow him to see the news.  I'll say it again.... Kids are not dumb.

The video has profanity, so if you are sensitive to that, then don't watch it.
Take your sensitive ears to church, or to a more gently worded blog, because it's obvious that you can't handle the truth about yourself which is that you just don't care about doing the right thing.  Or go visit an NRA blog instead. They will reinforce your beliefs.
If the only thing you take from this video is the fact that he uses the 'F' word, then you are a part of the problem on gun law legislation and not the solution.

Here's the list of school gun shootings in the U.S.


So, call me a douche bag, a rodeo clown, harsh, mean, awful, asshole.... and then go help to change the gun laws.  If your feelings get hurt by the things I say, I could care less.  This entire issue is about saving young lives and not about your feelings.

Do the right thing for the safety of kids in America.


  1. Bravo. I agree with every word. I think guns should be registered, you should have to take courses to own them and be licensed to have them, and have insurance on them, and the AR-15 styles should go bye-bye. We are no longer dealing with muskets and we have a National Guard, we don't need a "well-armed militia" in every home. I own guns. But I don't need an AR-15 to kill a groundhog when it attacks my dog. I can do that with a .22.

  2. A Bravo from me too . . .
    It seems to me that GREED rears it’s head here more than justice, regard, sensibility . . .
    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out.
    CR-15’s or whatever these automatic “kill whatever is in your way” things are called . . .
    should not be available, be in any household. Period .
    Because we have come to this place, we must start somewhere to change this dreadful course
    And we must WANT to effect this change for all of us . . . especially for our children.
    Come on, let’s get real . . .

  3. I agree whole-heartedly as well. Very well said.