Thursday, October 5, 2017

What Mama Can't Afford

 Praise be to the porch!
The fabulous October PORCH!!
Yippee Kai YAY PORCH!

 So I purchased a few smaller sized pumpkins for the screened porch.
We don't have a lot of 'color changing' trees on our property.
They are mostly piney type trees that don't change like deciduous trees do, so the pumpkins are my fall color from our somewhat like tree house screened porch off the back of our kitchen.
 Did you know that when we sit on this porch that we are at the level of birds flying past?
We see cardinals and bluejays go zipping past us and last month the humming birds were even peeking in through our screens.
Such nosey but lovely little creatures and they make us laugh.

 Along with the pumpkins I had two potted mums on the porch, but today they are planted in the pots on the lower level back patio.  Hopefully they will do well there in REAL flower pots instead of the plastic containers they came in which had them root bound.

 Another benefit to the porch and deck area are that these two have access by a doggie door to be shaded inside the porch, or had through their flapped doggie door to sunbathe.  This month, with it's cooler temperatures, they seem to enjoy sunbathing during the morning hours, and come evenings they move inside and sleep on the dog bed until it's time to come inside for t he night.  Spoiled could definitely be the word to describe them.
 A katie did has been hanging out on the outside of the porch.
She's there on a daily basis.

 October wardrobe with plaids has definitely kicked into  high gear for me, layering is definitely the answer.
AND, red plaid is totally da bomb and makes me feel pretty darned cheery.
 Blouse is Kasper brand from Steinmart at $39.99
Scarf from last year and I still love it as much as the day I purchased it.
The leggings are the Suave brand, also from Steinmart at $29.99,  and they are sold out.

AND.... still no shoes.
Mama can't afford them.  LOL


  1. Loved seeing the pups . . .
    Didn’t mind seeing you in your sassy plaid leggings, scarf, white blouse either . . .
    You are such fun to;follow . . .
    Why no comments . . .

  2. Oops on the semi colon . . .
    I use my iPad almost totally . . .
    Ever since I did the 11. whatever upgrade I have been in a tizzy.
    Numbers added to words . . .
    Unable to do my usual posts . . .
    Plus, charge my iPad to 100%, start using it and the battery charge drops to 20% . . .
    Grrrrr . . .

  3. Awww - cute pooches and a lovely porch!