Friday, October 13, 2017

Same As Any Other Day

 Well, somebody said it's Friday the 13th and that bad things happen on this day.
So I thought I better look around and see if anything bad is happening out there.
 The front porch and yard look just like they always do.

 I kept on looking, waiting to see if there was something bad outside.
 Everything looked good.
The grass was still green, it was still raining, and the leaves on the trees were still turning from green to orange.

 Then I looked at the backyard, but Nope.
Nothing bad happening there either.
I'm just not believing there's anything to this Friday the 13th hoax thing.
It was just like any other day.


  1. Wonder how Friday the 13th ever got such a bad wrap . . .
    Looks the same here too!

  2. Glad you survived. The mum pot looks good.

  3. Haha, I had a chiropractor appointment on that day and was hoping nothing bad would happen.