Thursday, September 28, 2017

Fashion Sense and Nonsense

It's me.
That blogger that says it like it is and upsets people with my brutal honesty.
Some days I don't have a lot of filter to my words,
but somebody out here in Blogland has to keep ya'll in line so that others know not to be jealous of another bloggers life due to their always pretty photos and stories.
Don't you realize that you may be making money from your blog at the expense of other people who have low self esteem and feel they will never have what you have or have a perfect life like you do?
You should be ashamed of yourselves.
Oh jeez.... let them eat cake, right?

So, here I am posting another pretty, perfect, photo of myself in my off the shoulder top with my $500 handbag
and over the knee boots, the latest new look for fall that everyone needs.
Just kidding all you fashion bloggers.

What I am actually wearing is a $12.99 straw fedora hat from  TJ Maxx from early on this summer,
and a pair of embroidered jeans in the Peck and Peck brand also from Stein Mart for $49.00
with an elastic waist for us fatties.
I seem to have lost my flip flops this week due to temperatures in the upper 80's
which we hope to see gone by tomorrow,
But bare feet are the newest fashion statement from New York Fashion Week!!

 I won't tell you that I am wearing a size 4, because you'd actually have to add the number 10 to that.... 
a 14 to be exact,
and it's all because I ate a whole lot of coconut cream cake last week.
Sorry, but not sorry.
It was deeee licious!
 So this week I'm taking care of that little size 14 waist by stuffing peppers and eating them three times a day.
Life just gets ugly sometimes when it comes to weight issues, so I actually stopped weighing my self a year ago.
I mean... who give a rat's, right? 
 Between slices of cake I have been buying fall items for the porch.
Sometimes I sit on said porch with a piece of cake in one hand and a fork in the other
and I sigh...
because it's FALL YA'LL.

Thanks for reading
from your least favorite fashion blogger!


  1. What fun this was . . .
    I like real upfront honesty . . .
    You have it,
    And you are not afraid to voice it . . .
    It is called FREE SPEACH for goodness sakes

    Like your white blouse, jeans, bare feet and straw hat.
    Love the stretched out on the porch chair pic! FUN!

    Please continue your Fashion Posts . . .
    Missed your $500 bag . . . forgot huh?

  2. I feel sorry for folks who blog and post on Facebook and Instagram who are always decorating and redecorating for the changing seasons and to impress, rearranging their outfits in their closets, and living lives that are staged for the public. (My favorite store is Goodwill, where I get some totally awesome buys from time to time.) Here's to lounging in one's screened porch, instead of sifting through decorations and having one's house completely dressed in Christmas to photograph and blog about it on Black Friday. (this sounds catty. I think it was. Oh, well.)

  3. You are great! I love your outfit and that coconut cake is TOTALLY worth it. Life's too short not to eat cake!