Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Watch For Silver

 When it comes to fashion, it's nice to have a few things that 'go together'.

 My wedding ring is silver, although I also love gold rings... I'm simply not married to the idea of having just one color around my neck, on my fingers, and my wrist.  Not a huge fan of the rose gold, but yellow gold or a silver will do nicely in my book of fashion, and to be honest....does it really matter in the big scheme of things which we wear?
Some are total snobs about always having to wear gold and oh, gosh... it simply MUST match the rest of what is on display on my body.
Pooh pooh poopity pooh is what I say.
 In 2012 I fell in VERY deep like with the gold Michael Kor's Runway series of watches, and I bought one.
It's fancier than some watches, but not overly so, and when it came to price.... I think $250.00, I felt comfortable in paying that price since I knew I would wear it often, and sometimes still do.
It has all the little bells and whistles and gadgetry that I needed at that time,
but these days it seems to spend more time in my jewelry box than on my wrist, and I don't have a good reason for that.
 *a few of my collected watches*
The gold watch in the middle was a gift in 1978, a pretty gold Seiko.

Recently I had been on the search for a nice silver watch as well, something to add to my collection I guess you could say.

 I wanted something with no gadgetry... just a pretty dial, and something the same or similar in size to my gold Michael Kors.
BUT, the prices on most of the brands I liked were over the top or simply more than I wanted to pay this time around, and I also, for some reason, wanted a sweep second hand. Don't ask me why, because I certainly don't time too many things or running events these days.... the look was what I was after.
The other must have on my watch list was a white dial.
As my eyes have aged, I am finding that a white dial does me the best when simply glancing for a look at the time.

 This Coach watch sells at Macy's online for $295.00, but I paid nearly half that.
As I was snooping at Macy's store last week I flattened my nose up against the watch case glass and they had it clearanced  WAY DOWN.... only because it had not sold quickly enough to satisfy their management, so LUCKY ME!

*Coach logos on band are not black btw...they simply photographed with a black reflection*

I guess I just lucked out by being in the right store at the right time to get such a great deal on a Coach brand watch!
I rarely pay full price, unless of course I am feeling filthy rich that day.


  1. Nice silver Coach . . . marked down!
    Not into the watch collection but my son sure is . .
    And my youngest grandson . . .
    I enjoy seeing their latests . . .

  2. As much as I love the demo on DIY awesome ring shots, my favorite part of this post by FAR is your explanation of your CZ stone! that is such a beautiful story, and makes me respect you even more than I already did!, you're awesome. Also, looking through those gorgeous green stones, the Gaspeite pretty much jumped off the page at me screaming your name. Personally, I'm a huge fan of Orange Garnet Silver Ring

    , and I know they come in a bajillion different colors. Were I ever to design a ring for myself, I would totally go for something that is more in the "stone" family than the "gem" family Silver/Rose Gold Rings