Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Ole' !!

 A couple of months ago I was on the Kate Spade NY website and noticed on their header photo a picture of a purse with a chili pepper and sombrero keychain/charm hanging from that purse.
 I couldn't find it 'for sale' anywhere on their website, so I contacted their customer service online chat and asked about it.
 I was told that it was not yet for sale, but would be available on a future listing this summer.
So I pouted and waited.

 I kept my eye on their website checking it weekly, and lo and behold last week it was listed in their keychains/accessories list as an item for sale.

 It was a wee bit expensive when it comes to keychains, but I signed up on their website and they emailed me a 15% discount code to use which brought the price down a teensy bit.
I really didn't care about the price, I just knew I wanted it.
The Kate Spade theme this summer seems to be Mexico, with chiles, sombreros, taco trucks, chihuahuas, llamas.
Really fun if you enjoy kitschy items for summertime.
It's now hanging from the strap of my purse and it's just the cutest thing ever!

*not affiliated with or receiving compensation from Kate Spade*

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  1. You make me smile . . .
    My motto . . . "Never, ever can do enough for yourself!"