Monday, May 22, 2017

The Art Of Dying Things

 My Mother's Day Arrangement has started to slip away into wilted, dying flowers, and photographing them during this stage of their 'floral life' is my favorite way to photograph.

 I saved the wasp nest from a month or two ago that my husband took down from their large paper nest at the top of our porch eave prior to having the re-screening of the porch done.
The men doing the screening fully appreciated it being gone while they worked,
but the beauty of it, well.... I simply could not bear to have it dashed to the ground without keeping a portion of it.
 Wasps, I have to say, are NOT my favorite creatures on this earth, but their handi-work is somewhat floral in appearance...
I saved it.

And so....
a dying floral arrangement
next to an already dead wasp nest seemed appropriate to me.

It's been cloudy and rainy a few days now and more of the same are on the horizon for us.
Perhaps that sunshine we were having has moved on into your world, and if so, we hope you are enjoying it as we did.

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  1. The Art of a Wasp Nest is quite amazing . . .
    I liked your wilted looks . . .
    The mums still looked quite perky!