Sunday, May 14, 2017

Affordable Choices

 Guess you could say I'm a sweatshirt and jeans sort of gal, and since moving to the countryside of Virginia, this way of dressing has become more and more 'my thing'.
Comfy, durable, and just plain common sense, as well as sometimes having fun messages are why I wear them often.

My Saturday Sunday black hooded sweatshirt has to be one of my favorites, and second best is my plain gray, crew neck sweatshirt which I purchased on clearance in the mens' department at Target when we were  on vacation last month. It was super cold in the midwest, at least for we southern folk, and plain gray? well, it certainly didn't clash with anything else in my wardrobe that I chose to pair it up with.

We have had such a mixed bag of weather this spring, so my black sweatshirt did the trick in keeping me warm as I grocery shopped last week, and it was on a Friday.... I guess that is why a man asked me, "what does that mean?" as I walked across the parking lot to my vehicle.  I looked down at my sweatshirt to remind myself of what it said, and since it was Friday my response to the old geezer was, "tomorrow and the day after".  
He gave what seemed to be a half-hearted laugh and walked away.

Today an e-mail popped into my box with a link to a blog that I had forgotten I even subscribe to.... I get a lot of emails like that, and in the post the gal was wearing a pretty pink sweatshirt that said NASA on it.  She had a link to where she had purchase it.... it was sold out evidently, but the similar sweatshirt she linked to on the Coach website was priced at $295.  For a sweatshirt mind you.  *cough cough cough*
Um, NO!  Just plain NO!
If you want or need a NASA sweatshirt, visit Redbubble.  TONS of them to choose from. 

I prefer to pay H and M prices or Target prices for sweatshirts... preferably under the $50 price point.
Once in a while if it's super cute I will fall for their pricing, but NEVER EVER pay $295 for a sweatshirt people.
The thing is... sweatshirts are all made the same, same design, same sewing quality, same level of comfort, they are all the same, the only thing I have found to vary is the message on it. 

Try these retailers for prices that aren't ridiculous.
Oh, and if you prefer a longer cut, you can always buy a mens' size.  Womens' tend, in some brands to be cut much shorter which for me means they ride up in the back getting my lower back chilled, or not covering my muffin top of a waistline.

Nordstroms.  Although they can also have some that are over-priced.  

Wishing you each a wonderful Mother's Day!
Hope someone in your life spoils you today.

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  1. Look Stylin' in your sweatshirt . . .
    I agree, go to the men's department,
    women sweatshirts are cut skimpy.

    Outlets . . . another great place to find some good buys . . .
    And there are several outlets around all across the country . . .

    I found a favorite name brand a few years ago at an
    outlet while on a cruise stop . . . Great buy too!
    I wore that sweatshirt to threads . . .
    I always felt spiffy in that shirt with
    the little Tommy H logo right there on the left . . .
    Wonder what I did with that shirt . . .

    Enjoy your "Treat Momma Nice Day" Diane . . .