Thursday, February 9, 2017


We are all only human, and this song says that, and to 'not put the blame on me', but some deserve to be blamed.
Just watch what's going on here in our country, or you can blame those who have made these problems for us and choose to lie to us multiple times EVERY day.

Close your eyes to political posts.
Don't read it.
Complain about those around you who try to educate you to the wrongs that are now happening.

Women will NEVER sit down and shut up, at least those of us who give a damn.
We will choose to Resist and Persist against the angry old white men who attempt to do us wrong.

You could say 'they are only human', when in fact they are monsters and what they are doing is unforgivable

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  1. Thank you . . .
    We are going backward . . .
    Listen up peeps . . .
    We can not let FEAR take over . . .