Friday, December 2, 2016

Readying For Winter

 Autumn comes and goes too quickly, leaves change, leaves fall, and so does the amount of light in the house.  The table lamps are used so much more often, even mid-day due to a bit of clouds and rain.  It sets the mood for winter which will be here soon.
 But if nothing else, it makes for a cozier feeling throughout the house.
 Dear little Izzy had the tumor atop her foot removed on Thursday, and Rowdy seemed a wee bit lonely without his side kick with him.... he spent some time walking through the Bradford Pear leaves,
 that change from green to their vivid golds and oranges ALWAYS during the last week of November... you can set your calendar by this change.
 The boy loves drinking from the bird bath beneath their branches since the water there comes from the outdoor spigot, directly from our well with no salt added to soften it.  Check out that pink tongue!
 We've readied our outdoor areas for the winter, removed all seat cushions, stacked the chairs, and wrapped them all up in tarps until springtime returns to us.
 Were there red bows on top, you might just think Santa had been here already. Or maybe not.
 The outer deck is empty except for the gas grill, and I purchased a new cover for it since the old one was simply too tattered and torn to serve us throughout the winter ahead.  We have had this grill since shortly after moving to Virginia in 2007, and although my husband has had to replace just a few parts, grills can be pricey, so we give this our tender loving care to keep it going a few more years.
The last hurrah of color before the snow flies.
Here's our two furry little ones begging for a biscuit from BJ at the vet's office on Monday just after their shots and check-ups.  And yes.... those are turkeys on their scarves.  How appropriate!
Izzy giving me a loving look.
Her surgery to remove the tumor atop her foot on Thursday, went well, and we await the pathology report from her doctor very soon.
She's being quite good about her stitches so far, and I bought her a soft cone of shame to wear, because we all know how dogs lick and chew once the itchiness of the healing process sets in.
She cried off and all most of last night, but today she adjusted nicely to wearing the collar and didn't cry.
I told her it's for her own good.  
By the way.... if you like brussels sprouts *my husband does not* but I DO.... so I made this recipe and they were quite yummy, so I'll be baking them again soon.  
Here's the recipe.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the green bean casserole recipe I used for our Thanksgiving meal, and I'll see if I can locate it on line and get that for you also.  Best recipe I have ever used for green bean casserole!
Thanks for stopping by today....
it's late, so I'm off to beddy bye.

Happy December!!


  1. It sounds like you are doing all the needed things to settle in for winter.
    Our weather is so mild here in South Texas. It is still warm and humid here. You have reminded me to put my outdoor cushions away.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Your home and the area where you live are beautiful!

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  2. Nice post. Would like to see that green bean casserole recipe. I like mine okay but have to modify it for my hubby's gout, and it doesn't taste as good.

  3. I love your yellow Pear leaves . . .
    How very gorgeous it makes your setting . . .
    Hope Izzy fares well . . .
    Rowdy's drinking water station sounds perfect
    Brussel Sprouts look yummy . . .
    Winter is fast approaching us here in Western Michigan!
    Yay . . .