Sunday, December 4, 2016

Post Surgery Recovery Collar

 *she's in there..... I promise you.....she's in there*
Her surgery went well.
Routine is what we were told, and Izzy has had no adverse effects.
 The day prior to surgery I bought her a ZenCone brand cone of shame/recovery collar, so that she would not be subjected to sleeping in a clear, hard plastic cone that animal hospitals send their patients home wearing.
Do the cold, hard, clear ones do the trick?
Of course they do, and they are most likely the most affordable way for an animal hospital to send their patients home.

our pups are our fur babies and we feel that they deserve comfort after the stress of being in a hospital,
having an incision, waking up a bit confused, and recuperating for a few hours without their human parents there to soothe them.
That's not to say that they are not treated with 100% love and care by the doctors and techs we entrust them to, but home on your own bed and snuggled into you own familiar blanket always feels best when recuperating, whether you be human or canine, a kitty cat, hamster, bird or snake.
Love is Love for all creatures with a beating heart.
 Izzy's first night at home was very comfortable for her, other than she did not like sleeping with a cone on her head. 
There was a little bit of complaining going on late into the night.
No pain.... she just didn't want to wear the cone.  I mean....who would??? 
Until you get it figured out, it's hard to see out the front of the thing, or around it.  
The cone was doing what it was designed to do, but it still upset her a bit and she would rise from her bed and put her head on the side of our bed in a definite 'cone of shame position' looking downward.  A definite sign of 'post surgical unhappy camper' look.
A 'get this stupid thing off my head' look.
 But I need to give a shout out of kudos to the makers of any brand of soft cone.
 I purchased a size Large for Izzy after watching an online video about cone style options, and the cone needs to extend beyond the end of the nose so that a pup cannot reach any areas of the incision on their legs.  Izzy has left her incision alone at this point since she is on Rimadyl for any pain and the foot is not yet bugging her, but once healing really sets in I will not be surprised at her wanting to lick or chew at the site of the surgery on her foot.
 Rowdy has sniffed the incision once when she came home, but he seems to know that it should not be messed with.
 Our little tulip head has awakened and will be going outside asap for a potty break,
  Petco sells this brand but there are similarly made collars in other brands as well, all of which I recommend for your pet's post surgery comfort needs.  It lays flat when your pet is in a lying down position making post surgery sleeping a snap for them.  You can wipe them clean and re-use many times with easy velcro closing.
Did someone say "OUTSIDE?"
Where's my leash?
Let's go!!

I am not affiliated with or being paid by Petco or ZenCone to show this product and the opinions expressed are my own

Our thanks to Valley Animal Hospital in Roanoke, VA and Dr. Staley for the kindness and expert care you ALWAYS show our pets.  You ROCK!
 Here's a video on The Comfy Cone and how to purchase the proper for your pet.

This video shows a comfortable option.

Here are a number of options for your pet.

If you prefer to shop from home, there are many options available on Amazon.



  1. Thanks for the information. I had no idea they made soft cones. That would be much more comfortable for sleeping and other activities. I hope your Izzy recovers quickly.

  2. So glad Izzy got along okay and hope she has a quick and complete recovery...and can ditch the cone! The soft cone makes so much sense.

  3. Great info Diane . . .
    And video!
    Hope Izzy is doing fine!

  4. Poor sweet Izzy, I sure hope she's feeling better and that the results are good!!