Monday, November 28, 2016

Izzy's Sweet Toes

This photo was snapped by my husband this morning as he was walking the pups.  Rowdy sometimes puts the leash in his mouth and leads my husband, and today Isabelle joined in and helped Rowdy.  They are the sweetest pups we have ever had the joy of sharing our lives with and they ALWAYS make us laugh.  

 By late morning it was time to take a ride in the Pathfinder, off to the vet's office for updating a shot or two with the hopes of keeping them healthy another year before more shots are due.  Those check-ups on their teeth, eyes, ears and heart are oh so important, and the pups don't mind.... Rowdy does get over-exuberant. but Izzy remains calm throughout the check-up.
 Rowdy simpy wiggles from one end of his body to the other and cannot stay still to save his life.... and Izzy simply keeps an eye on the door, listening for the sounds of people and pups in the lobby as they await their appointments.
 Rowdy gets the okay, but he is in need of having his teeth cleaned, so we hope to schedule that appointment soon, in fact we would have scheduled it for next week, until we got Izzy's news.
 Izzy has a histiocytoma which after an examination/scraping, showed that there are some bad looking cells in it, and it needs to come off ASAP, and hopefully that will be the end of it.  My concern is that the location looks to me as though she could possibly lose a toe.  The vet did not say this, but that is a possibility if you ask me.
 So, this Thursday morning Izzy will undergo surgery to have the tumor removed.  These are fairly common in the boxer breed, as are other tumors that can appear on their body.  
We are hoping for the best with our little girl.
 Here are the two of them, Izzy on the left and Rowdy on the right, as they beg for one more biscuit from B.J., who greets every pet as they enter into the office for their appointments.  She spoils them rotten and these two take complete advantage of her loving heart.
 On arriving home they took to the front yard to keep an eye out for any squirrels or deer who happen to be roaming the property.  It's the job of these two to watch over their domain.
 Please toss some good vibes out into the universe that Izzy's surgery at Valley Animal Hospital on Thursday goes well and that she comes home with all of her sweet little toes in tact.
She's such a sweet girl.


  1. Hopefully Izzy will be okay. I am sure the vet will do the best thing necessary for her. Stay strong!

  2. Hoping for the best for Izzy. I will send out positive thoughts for her.

  3. Sending Izzy good vibes for a complete and swift recovery. Love your dogs...lots of personality...

  4. Aww poor sweet Izzy - sending warm and fuzzy thoughts from my furbabies to yours. xo