Saturday, August 13, 2016

Moist And Nutty

 When I buy bananas, I try to find a bunch of three that are somewhat green.
 BUT, last week I was stuck with six quite yellow bananas, and I couldn't eat them fast enough.
 And so it was that we found ourselves with quite a few old, blackening bananas on our countertop yesterday,
 and my husband decided that he needed to make banana nut bread.
I am not sure what recipe he used, but it's pretty darned delicious!
 Quite moist and nutty.
 I'll ask him for the recipe if anyone wants it.
Guess what's for breakfast today?


  1. Yes, please share . . .
    I love "nutty and delicious!"
    I do have a favorite banana bread recipe . . .
    always open to another "tried and true!"
    Wish I was enjoying it with you . . .