Monday, July 11, 2016

You Might Be The Weird One

 I've been thinking today about weirdness, and how perhaps some of us are weirder than others.
Some of us have seen boyfriends and husbands come and go in our life, and oh boo hoo, how our hearts can be broken, and we sit and wallow in our misery and ask ourselves why.
Why did this one leave me too?
Why am I having to go through this deceit and heartbreak once again as he walks out the door... perhaps out of his own choice, or maybe you simply had to kick his ass out because he wasn't true to you.

I watch and read about it over and over again on blogs across the internet and to be honest, well.... I don't really have much empathy for the gals who are left behind, unless the guy was hurting her in a physical way... then I feel badly for her.

I remember telling a friend shortly after meeting my current love, that he was sort of weird, and she then pointed out to me that I am a wee bit weird also.
AND, here we are 19 years later still a bit weird. but together anyway. 
I think the fact that we stuck together is because I tempered my weirdness... really took a long look at myself and decided that I needed to change in a few ways.  HE on the other hand?  Oh... he's still really weird.  LOL  
But I deal with it.

Changing who WE are, rather than looking for the other person to change, is part of what personal growth is all about,
and it's many times the glue in what makes any relationship a LONG TERM relationship.
I guess that's why I don't feel much empathy for people and offer them words of advice when things fall apart in their love world.  
I changed some of my own weird quirks.
It was the super glue that has kept us together.

He may be weird... 
but have you ever even considered that you might be weirder?
 Ya, I didn't think so.


  1. Not sure if I would call Mister Irish weird . . .
    I would call him "wired" though . . .
    Not sure I'd call me weird . . .
    Although, certainly have realized I like to think I am RIGHT.
    Something that has brought me to some self reckoning and
    to the betterment for us both.
    Nothing is every perfect but our relationship is certainly easy . . .
    And very refreshing it is . . .

  2. I'd say you and your sweetie are a good match...not because of the weirdness, but because of your attitude toward change and compromise. With some folks, it's my way or the highway... I hope I'm weird...I'd hate to be like everyone else...