Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Boom Boom Bye Bye

 We have a storage area under our basement stairs,
It was FILLED with cardboard boxes we saved thinking we may need them someday..... you know, all those boxes you get when you order things off the Internet.
We also save our original boxes from our computers.
Today we broke down all of the boxes except the computer boxes and they are going bye bye.
The house feels so much lighter for some odd reason.

Izzy did not come down to join us.
All that bubble wrap we were breaking sounded like fireworks to her.
boom boom boom


  1. Winnie feels the same about noises like that as Izzy does. I hear stash of cardboard and I think, "Oohhh, that's great to use under mulch in flower beds!"

  2. Cute Izzy . . . scared to death . . .
    I did that box removal bit a few months ago.
    Why did I think I needed to save BOXES!

  3. Poor little Izzy - my old girl is terrified of thunder and fireworks - and I guess bubble wrap, too!

  4. Izzy was probably very happy when the "booming" stopped. Getting rid of boxes is a very good thing. xoxo

  5. I used to do that too..No room now..I still have a few xerox boxes..They are the best