Friday, March 25, 2016

No 'H' Word Here

 I was reading a bit of discord on a blog today.... I didn't comment because I really didn't want to be involved in the conversation.
 A few years ago I blocked a gal on Facebook, mostly because she used the 'H'(hate) word far to often for my liking and it's a word that, other than in the above line where I typed it.... a word that I simply refuse to use on my blog, Facebook, or even in my daily conversations at home.
 I *H* this... I *H* that.... I *H* your blog post.... I *H* the predicament I am in in my life.

I'm of the mindset that we reap what we sow, and if you're sowing negative words constantly, then it's a pretty good sign that there is a lot of negativity in your mind and you're only going to reap negative responses in return.
We can't always change our circumstances in life (or maybe we can), but we can learn to live with the cards we have been dealt and maybe... just maybe....we can adjust our attitude towards the circumstance, which helps to gather more positive people around us.
 Do I ever complain?  Most certainly I do, and my life sure isn't perfect.
BUT, I refuse to use that darned *H* word even on bad days.
 Instead, I use the *F* word.
You know.... the one that rhymes with duck.
 Mostly I save it's use for those moments when I've banged my knee into the leg of my desk, or scraped my knuckle on something, those moments of unexpected pain.
Those are my 'F' moments when the word just comes bull horning out of my mouth without warning.
For some reason it just works better than screaming OUCH.
 Now... back to that much disliked 'H' word.
There's enough of it's sentiment in this big old world and if you are one that uses the word often when leaving a comment on someone's blog, I implore you to find another word to replace it with.
Even if your life is not what you want it to be or what you expected it would be like at this stage in life and you find yourself disappointed on a daily basis,
look for another word when leaving comments.

Here are synonyms for the 'H' word.... and many of them I also find distasteful.  They simply make me cringe. Just read the list and see what you think.  What word or phrase would you use instead?

Puts my knickers in a twist
rankles my cankles
feel negative about
find troublesome
Have I made mistakes in the world of commenting?
Of course... there have been past instance where some blogging ladies have totally rankled my cankles and I've had to let them know.  
But even in those instances I refused to use that *H* word.
It simply doesn't fit into my world.

These days I simply delete comments, shake my head, 
and then go drag a rope around the yard for fun.
Life is simpler that way.


  1. You are a class act, lady. And I, too, often use that "f" word when injuring myself - that made me laugh right out loud!!

  2. Stealing 'rankles my cankles'!!! There's a string of words that comes out of my mouth when I whack myself at work. It's good for my co-workers to realize that I am not the little old lady I appear to be.

  3. I am reading along . . .
    Serious mode . . .
    Thinking about that H word . . . and my not liking it much either . . .
    Still reading along . . .
    And then . . .
    You laid out that F word, the one that sounds like duck
    And I laughed right out loud . . .
    It really does it for me. . makes me feel so much better when I say "oh F . . ."
    I use the " don't get your undies in a bundle . . ." once in awhile too . . .
    It doesn't have the same punch!
    I don't like hearing the S word either . . . the one that refers to non intellect.
    Great post . . .
    Still laughing . . .