Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Chicken Parmesan Recipe That Is Scrumpdillyicious

I knew that my husband loves chicken parmesan, since he has ordered often when we have been out for dinner at Italian restaurants.  It's not a dish I generally order and I'm not sure why, since I do love it too.  Perhaps it's all of the cheese involved.  We try to limit our intake, but DANG.... cheese is good so once in a blue moon you simply have to indulge.
 My husband had taken some boneless, skinless chicken breasts from our freezer, but he really didn't feel like standing out in the rainy weather to grill on that particular day, so he was looking for suggestions from his wife as to what to do with the chicken.
My suggestion was chicken parmesan and since we had all of the ingredients...
chicken parmesan it was.
 He got started by making some homemade red sauce in the crock pot.... and this needed to be started much earlier than the breading and frying portion of the recipe.  You could of course buy some red sauce in a jar to make things simpler, but you really can't beat homemade imho.
 There was lots of cheese involved.... sliced provolone and also shredded parmesan.

 We stuck to the recipe for the most part, and after the pounded breasts were breaded and fried, and the cheese was placed atop, we kept a close eye on them in the oven.  You don't want all of that fine ooey gooey cheese to run off and into the pan itself.

 My husband used a recipe he found online.... he rarely, if ever, uses a cookbook and finds that online recipes work best for him.  
Picture iPad on countertop as he bakes.
A real live modern day cook.
And if you wish to keep copies of recipes you enjoy from the internet, there is an App called Recipe Box.  It's convenient and my husband uses it for all of his favorites.
We can recommend it as being delicious, and da bomb of all parmesan recipes... totally restaurant worthy. 
 Try it!


  1. I think you found THE MAN . . .
    Chicken Parmesan looks like da bomb . . .