Thursday, January 21, 2016

Not So Bright

I was not so bright yesterday when I decided to make a trip to town in hopes of finding a pair of Ugg type boots to wear around the house on our cold floors.  I have a pair of slippers from some time ago that have that same fleece interior as the Ugg boots have, but the soles are not thick and don't keep the cold of the floors away from my feet.

Uggs are such a huge seller it seems, but they don't offer one iota of support to the foot, AND I think they are completely over-priced.  I did try on a few pair, but they didn't trip my trigger so I chose not to buy them.

I did find THESE boots at Macy's... I think I probably got the last pair, and I like them.
They are the White Mountain brand, and they are cut just a wee bit slimmer than an Ugg... not quite so bulky looking, and the support between the bottom of the foot and the floor keeps my feet warmer than my old thin soled slippers.

All of the stores have coats and boots on sale right now... it's pick and choose, but I made it my goal today to find warm items since a monster snowstorm is on the way tonight and into Friday.
14-20 inches of snow.
The forecast changes hourly.

Now..... as to the 'not so bright' part of this post.
Snow flurries started while I was in the stores yesterday, and by the time I made my way out to my SUV and headed home, things got a bit slick.
I slid around about six times... almost biffed it into the ditch about three times, but finally creeped into our driveway an HOUR after leaving the mall, which is generally a 20 minute drive.
Really crazy of me to not have watched the weather a bit closer, but trust me... this gal won't be going ANYWHERE over the next few days... and if the snowfall is as heavy and the forecasters expect it to be, it could be Monday or Tuesday.
Not to worry... we have plenty of that cabbage soup left!


  1. Love the boots! Uggs were never my thing...they look so bulky... You are expecting the mother of all storms. Looks like all that will bypass us...

  2. I like your choice over the UGGS . . .
    I like BOGS too, but they are best for those of us with snow, water, rain . . .
    Slipping and Sliding is not for me . . .
    Not in a car . . . not anywhere . . .
    Maybe sliding in one of those huge tractor tubes . . . ??
    My skiing/boarding son, wife, daughter just took off for "hills" for a few days . . .
    Sure hope they are "sensible!"
    We have plenty of snow to enjoy.
    Sounds like you will have plenty too!
    And cabbage soup . . .

  3. Like your new boots much better than the trendy uggs!!! Yes indeed! Mercy that is alot of snow headed your way!!! Stock up and stay warm!! Oh....and make pictures for us please?