Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Nicknames And Smiles

Aren't some nicknames in a marriage just pukey?
My husband has never had a nickname for me.
We have been together since 1997 and the closest he comes to having a nickname for me is Di.
Never anything endearing so to speak.
 I call him by his name most of the time, but once in a while it's Sweetheart or Sweetie.
Nothing pukey like Snookums, Baby Doll, Cutie Pie, Sugar Britches,.
IF those nicknames occur within your marriage, I apologize, but oh.... gag...
Getting him to smile is an event.
He says he's always smiling on the inside.
When he does smile, he shows off his huge, cute dimples.
They are wasted on him for the most part.... they should have been dimpled into my cheeks rather than his.
I swear that if I didn't smile in our photos, one would think we were these people.

Speaking of smiles,
I am headed to the dentist today.
Yes, again....
don't ask.