Monday, November 30, 2015

Murphy's Law

 There he goes, zooming around the yard yesterday, for what he hopes to be the final mowing of the season.
 The lawn had been so wet from the heavy rains we had a while ago, and it just didn't seem to want to soak in or dry up, but yesterday he had had enough and decided that wet or not, it was time to mow.

 He takes his mowing seriously.
 and his snow clearing JUST as seriously.
He ordered a snow blower attachment which hopefully will arrive before we have snowfall.
Bet then you know Murphy's Law....

 the one about
"if you buy a snowblower attachment for your lawn tractor, then it won't snow this winter".


  1. Perhaps that's why we haven't had snow the ski town I'm in? Is that something to do with Murphy's Law also???

  2. Aww this post made me chuckle! :)
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  3. Mowing is serious business when you ride a Deere! Hope your no snow show extends to the Midwest.

  4. I doubt that it's that easy to ward off the snow..

  5. Murphy's Law winning out so far . . . ?
    Sun , warm predicted here for days . . .(after the rain that has been going on for days)
    I still say . . .
    Green Christmas

  6. My husband is dealing with Murphy's Law and the lawn, too! If it keeps the snow aways, I'm good!!