Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ding Dong.... Who's There

(image source: Cliparthut dot com)

Not long ago my husband saw a mouse in our basement, and with the placement of a few mouse traps filled with peanut butter on them, one day later the mouse was SNAP, caught red handed and out he went. For any of you animal activists who deem that as cruel and inhumane treatment of a mouse, please get over yourself.  Mice in a house is NOT a good thing, and given it be of a certain species of mouse, such as the deer mouse, hanta virus can be brought into the home.

We had hoped that was the end of the mouse problem, and so far it is, as far as in our living space. but the past few nights I have been hearing a scratching sound in the ceiling above the bed, and sometimes even in the wall of my office.
Probably another, if not multiple mice using our attic and walls as their habitat.

So late yesterday afternoon mice traps were placed in the attic above the garage, where my husband could get to, and SNAP... a mouse was caught today, and another trap was snapped without a mouse in it.
If they want a war...we shall give them a war, because when it comes to mice, we are not Peaceniks.  We hates meeces to pieces.

They have to be getting into the attic somehow, so my husband did a thorough search of the exterior of our house today, walking around outside to see where they could be entering.
He noticed that there was a large gap between the outer wall of the house and the hose of the air conditioning unit... a door for mice you might say.
That has now been caulked shut, and I'll be keeping my ears open tonight when I go to bed listening for the scratches of tiny feet.
What an unnerving sound over my head when I sleep!  Can't they just ring the doorbell?


  1. That's something we deal with regularly in the country - you just can't get away from them!! No matter how thoroughly the house is sealed up, how clean you are, how you keep everything sealed in jars and such in the pantry....the darned things still come around every so often!! I'm with you - no meeses welcome here!!

  2. Tis the season...It's getting cold out there...They used to come in around the plumbing in a house we owned years ago..They would steal the dogs food..I found lots of dog food in a rug I had rolled up in the basement and in the lining of a living room chair..We were in the country and our house backed up to a stone wall with a corn field behind it..

  3. I don't use poison or traps because of my cats. If mice venture too close to the house, they become supper for my cat. The cats also keep the mole population under control and have been known to attack snakes.

  4. No mice welcome here, either. I called the pest control guy and he set out bait traps, problem went away. He also did a thorough inspection of the premises and stopped up any holes he found, even the smallest ones. So far so good.

  5. I HATE mice . . . goose bumps all over me thinking of you in bed hearing scratchy sounds. YIKES. YUCK. PERIOD
    (I thought maybe a squirrel . . . wouldn't want that either!)
    Do tell me . . . please . . . problem solved!
    The least they could have done was RING THE DOOR BELL!

  6. I agree that mice in the house are unwelcome, and I applaud the way you and your husband are dealing with the problem in a direct way. We gad the same mousie super highway at a previous house. Round a/c line going through a square hole = easy access to the basement. Blocked the entry, trapped the mice. In this old house of ours, we have not yet found all of the mousie entry points. We must be making progress, because we have fewer and fewer signs of mice every year.