Monday, October 5, 2015

Not A Potted Mum

 The week-end was cold, once again requiring a bit of added warmth.
I had a bout of cabin fever, which strikes me during long spells of inclement weather like we have been having here in Virginia for what seems now like weeks.
Seems as though it started around the 20th of September, just before our anniversary and hasn't stopped since.
*Coat - Columbia brand from Gander Mountain last winter*
*Hat - Minnetonka brand from Leatherhaus*
*Lipstick - All Fired Up by Mac*
 My husband was out taking down a dead cedar tree and using a chainsaw so Rowdy was hesitant about leaving the safety of the cement slab, and the roof was keeping him dry... so why leave?  
 As you can see, we still did not get the upper or lower driveways paved.
Far too much rain for that.
 Absolutely everything is soggy up to it's ears.
This ground won't take much more,
The potted mums have loved it.  No complaints from THAT peanut gallery.

And although there is a smile on my face,
I am not a potted mum and am over this rain

Sending wishes to all rainy parts of the country for a dry week.


  1. Well, the sun is shining now as I write this! A beautiful day, and the dust is washed off of everything.

  2. Uh oh. Cabin fever and it's only October :-/ We are still waiting for a real Autumn. It's coming, I just know it is.

  3. The rainy days have made for some really nice pics!
    I liked the Minnetonka Hat and "MUM" too . . . NICE . . .