Saturday, October 10, 2015

Lips and Nails Lips And Nails

 We are no longer in a 'transitioning into fall' mode, because FALL is here already.
 So, put away those pink springtime and summer nail colors and find a color you love that will accommodate those fall plaid shirts we have all been wearing and loving this year.

I do my nails at home, only because every nail salon I have ever been to ends up destroying my nails, so excuse the fact that they are not perfection.

This fall I have been wearing the Essie brand of polish because it goes on smooth and covers very well in two coats and they offer some super color choices.
I can pick it up at a nearby big box or pharmacy store too.
Convenience when purchasing is a real hit for me.
 This is the shade I am wearing.  It's e-nuf is e-nut, and to be honest I purchased it last winter and it has not gone all gobbly gook in the bottle yet... still goes on smoothly.
Another pharmacy brand I've gotten hooked on using because of it's great coverage and price, is Milani lipstick.
 Sometimes keeping the price under $10 is not a good thing quality wise, but Milani lipsticks, generally $7 or less in some areas, speaks volumes to me.
I can, sometimes, want to budget-ize my make-up purchases and spend the money saved on a great quality piece of clothing instead.  The money saved is not a lot, but it does make me feel better about the BIG purchases I make.
 You don't have to wonder about the color of the product inside the tube, because the window at the bottom of the tube says it all, and with Milani what you see is what you get.
 This shot is a bit blurry, but I topped off the lipstick with Mac's Ample Pink lip gloss.
There ya go.
Make the nails and lips match the plaids.
It is after all Fall Ya'll.


  1. I got a pedi in my favorite brown a few weeks ago. I was sooo ready for autumn nail colors!

    Try to find Sinful brand for nail polish. I swear that it is better than Essie and only $1.99!!! They sell it at Walmart and Walgreens here. They even put them on sale for $.99.

    1. I saw the Sinful brand when at Wal-Mart yesterday. I was curious about it but didn't buy any.... will have to do that next time I am there. Thanks for the heads up! xo

  2. I stopped manicuring after 25 years this January because I could no longer justify the cost. I say that because I have always refused to go to any manicurist that uses an electric filer or buffer because they destroy nail beds, so I couldn't go to the cheap salons and had to pay about triple for the good manicurists. It's taken a while to grow out my non-acrylic real nails, and develop their strength again, but finally I have. I also learned that OPI isn't the best nail polish. I do believe Essie is, and I'm having fun enjoying discovering their colors. I've been in fall nail colors since the beginning of summer, even though we are still in the middle of 90-100 degree weather. ACK. And I've been wearing MAC "Hot Gossip" lipstick for YEARS. It wears well in any season, too. :)

  3. I've always found wearing 'seasonal' colors odd. In some instances I never changed fabric weights according to seasons either.

  4. I was just thinking yesterday that it's time to get new nail colors. I love the Essie products! I see that Lin recommended the Sinful nail polishes and I've heard that before. Guess it might be worth checking out. Spent the day with my girlfriend yesterday and she had on a beautiful plum color polish. That's something I never would have picked but it was really pretty.

  5. Au naturel goes with all seasons..:)

  6. The Reds look so good on you . . .
    Not so much on me . . .
    I have red toes though!