Friday, October 2, 2015

Like A Honey Badger

Soooo much rain.

Now, you've all seen the honey badger video on YouTube most likely,
and you all probably know by now that the Honey Badger simply does not give a shit....
about ANTHING.....  He's the boss of his territory and no one should attempt to convince him otherwise.
He does not now, nor will he EVER give a shit.
 The hummingbirds outside my window, small as they are, have a honey badger attitude.
 Despite the rain and other hummingbirds trying to take over their 'food territory' they swing their mighty swords at one another,

 and then hunker down in the giant raindrops to defend what is theirs.
They truly do not give a shit about anyone or anything, or the weather.
 Leaves may be disappearing at a rapid autumn rate,
and the webs of spiders might be drooping a bit deeper with each hour of rain that passes.
 but as for this tiny and ferocious bird,
they flap their tiny wings telling Mother Nature to 'bring it on'.
Give me what you got, you mutha nature....
Hear me roar / chirp.