Friday, October 9, 2015

Fly Away Boots

 So there's that hat again,
because I wear it nearly every day.
It's leather, foldable and packable, and it keeps my horrible hair in place which is otherwise whispy and sometimes uncontrollable and thinning rapidly due to old people (as I like to call it) medications that I am on.

The good news is this vest, the Per Se khaki vest that I purchased at Steinmart.
I could wear it every day also because it fits great, and you can snap it closed if you wish,
and it has good length to it which covers the hip area and hides any waistline imperfections.

 The scarf is also a Steinmart purchase.
Scarves are my 'thing' and have been for a few years now, adding color and personality to nearly any outfit.
This one is subtle in a light gray and khaki color.

The brightly colored shirt is a purchase from Macy's last month with touched sleeves.
It washes and dries well.
 Boots are my 'Fly' boot brand, a purchase from our local La De Da store and the color was the reason for my purchase of them last year.
Similar Fly Boots can be found at Nordstrom
And THIS style is quite nifty too!
 There's that awesome Fly logo!
The jeans are old... but that's not what caused the holes.
I won't mention the brand because the fit is not a good fit on me, but you can fine hole filled jeans in nearly every ladies store.

Enjoy your day.
I'm watching a dozer push dirt around my backyard for day two.


  1. I just bought some new boots at the Bass outlet store this week. I looked at some jeans with holes in them, but the holes were massive and I didn't like them. And I also looked at scarves but didn't add those to my pile. Still too hot here for me to think about scarves too seriously.

  2. Hi there sassy dresser . . .
    Your hat is your SIGATURE . . .
    love your scarves too . . . guess they are my SIGANATURE . . .
    That and a vest . . . Love 'em . . .
    Can you send me more info about that vest. I have been looking for one like that, pockets???
    We don't have that store here, but I might be able to order it?!?!

  3. My fingers are too fat I guess . . .