Saturday, October 24, 2015

Check It Off The List

 Some of my readers have been wondering about the paving project, you know.... from our Project List here in our little mountain home. Well, it's officially done and HAPPY is the word that describes how we feel about the results and the fact that there is no longer a plume of dust and the sound of rocks under our wheels as we pull into the driveway.  This will also allow the snow to melt off the driveway faster come this winter.  There will be one more small outdoor project, hopefully the first part of November, which will be to add one more stone wall along the lower driveway, weather permitting as always.
 So, I've taken quite a few photos from different angles so you can see the full effect, and the autumn leaves on the trees sort of add to the photos. 
Without further words from my fast typing fingers, to fly off this blog page, here's the results and I'll just let you look.

 *stone wall will go along the left side, from the stone column and down the lower driveway*

As always, THANKS for reading!


  1. "Pepper"...I happened across your blog a few weeks ago and was happy to see Rowdy, Izzy, Hubs and You. The stonework and driveway look so nice. You must be very pleased. Those trees are kind of gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful! Less grass to cut! I assume you have a snowblower😜

  3. Not yet, but we plan to order a snowblower attachment for our riding mower for this winter... xox

  4. Classy . . . well done!
    Amazing it is what you have done to your home since moving here a few years ago . . .
    Very very nice improvements . . .
    Nice pad!

  5. It's beautiful! Not that the place wasn't lovely before, but you have certainly made it a dream home! I have driveway envy.