Thursday, September 24, 2015

Some Great Ideas

 Forever finding CUTE things on the internet, and not always for me.
I mailed off this sweet 'I AM VERY BUSY.' journal/calendar book to my granddaughter earlier this week.
 She truly IS a busy young teen now that school is back in session this fall and giving her many activities to keep track of, including being a cheerleader this year.
So proud of her!
If there is a young lady in your life who has busy days and after school activities to keep track of,
then consider getting her this sweet journal.
For photos of the inside, here is the LINK
If it's sold out I would check back with them or shoot them an email since it has been sold out before and then back in stock, AND, there is always next year when if they have back in stock, would probably have the 2016/2017 calendar in it.

Also, today I came across another sweet journaling, The Happy Planner , and although it is more expensive, it has some great items in it. i.e: stickers.
Christmas is not far off, and a journal is a great option for a young teen girl imho.

Check out these super journaling books filled with fun pages!

Not a sponsored post nor have I been compensated by these companies to mention their products.

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