Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Our Sweet Evening Anniversary Celebration

Thank you everyone, for the super nice anniversary wishes, both here on my blog and also on Facebook.  
We had a lovely dinner out, despite the rainy weather.... rain that was much needed by the way.

 Here are some snapshots I took of the patio at Carlos Brazilian Restaurant as we left.
 Quite rainy and foggy, but that will give us a reason to visit again when we can sit outdoors and enjoy the view of the street lights below.
It rained on our wedding day, so we were okay with the skies looking like this.
 The food was wonderful.
I had strip steak with bleu cheese gravy and bleu cheese crumbles on top and a side of veggies and potatoes, and my husband had shrimp, clams. and kielbasa over rice with some HOT sauce on the side which he thoroughly enjoyed.
 We also had dessert of chocolate cake for him and I chose cheesecake.
Here he is with a tight grip on the leftovers which will be enjoyed for tonight's dinner.
 One last look as we headed to the car.
Thanks for sharing our sweet anniversary celebration with us!


  1. SWEET . . .
    restaurant setting looks perfect for a non rain evening soon!

  2. It looks pretty in the rain. Dinner sounds delicious, so glad you had a nice night out to celebrate your special day.

  3. Happy Anniversary!! - a bit late (but as they say better late than never). What a pretty view even in the rain. Supper sounds delicious! So glad you had a nice anniversary celebration.

  4. sounds delicious, and glad the rain didn't rain on your parade! :)

  5. Looks like a lovely evening in spite of the rain. Send some north. Enjoy your day and happy anniversary.