Tuesday, September 29, 2015


 The rain continues today, slow, soft and gentle,

 which is a good way to receive rain since it's soaking into the ground nicely instead of running down the hill which is of no use to our yard.
It makes the mums happy and all those buds this yellow one had when I brought it home
are now opened and putting a smile on my face.
 This is Izzy as she comes up the hill from having taken care of things that dogs have to take care of when they go outdoors, whether that be stinky stuff or simply just snooping around.
 Our dogs have been doing FAR too much snooping around as of late.
 Last week Izzy was skunked at 4AM.
It's no fun de-skunking a dog any time of day, let alone at 4AM.
 And this morning, very early, before the sun was up, Rowdy spied a white skunk and got the same results that Izzy had last week.
at 4:30AM.
He's not too happy about it, but at least the bathing part is over
and the house is settled back down.
We learned our lesson with Izzy after letting her in the house,
so things went a bit smoother with Rowdy's tragic event.

SO tired of skunks we are.


  1. Free roaming may have to be on pause during "skunk season" . . .
    One benefit of a leash maybe . . . one for each ???

    1. I know.... I have tried to tell my husband this, but actually they stay close the the house, so do the skunks. This skunk was probably only 30 feet from the front door. What we truly need is a fence.

  2. Replies
    1. The de-skunk recipe we use works quite well in ridding the smell from the pups, with only a small amount of after odor. The pain in the butt is having to do the bathing with it at 4AM. Just not fun.

  3. Eeek. I'm thankful our dogs haven't had that experience. I think it helps having a smaller fenced back yard so they can't go out beyond that. Maybe a few more lights on the property would help? No fun!

  4. Thanks for sending the rain!! It's here for the week...Really need it..