Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Kinder Day

*image from one year ago today*
My one and only strawberry from our garden last year.
It was a good day.

 *image from this morning as sun was coming up*
It's the best hour of the day on those mornings when the pups and I are up, I making coffee, and the furry ones awaiting their breakfast and then some screened porch time whiffing the air for the smell of deer, wild turkey and bunny rabbits.
 We await the rising of the man of the house; the smell of coffee begins to permeate the kitchen and soon we hear him pitter pattering from the bedroom out into the kitchen 
where we all share our 'good morning greetings'.
 Each day begins anew with hopes of good things, and we try our best to make that happen despite how many things can go wrong.
Sometimes not reading the morning news makes for a much kinder day.
 I read this this morning and although a number of items on the list are actions I have practiced for years. there are a few more I could do, in doing my part to make it a better world.
I want to be a better human.


  1. I think we all could make a bit more of an effort to be a better human, but I think you're a pretty good person and a nice friend already.

  2. Great thought for the day . . .
    I Want To Be A Better Human . . .
    I read another great thought this morning from Cranberry Morning . . .
    Let Someone Else Go first . . .