Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Des Moines

I grew up in the state of Iowa... no, not Ohio,  no, not potatoes.
Perhaps you need a geography lesson?
It's okay, those of us who grew up there are used to dealing with your unknowledgeable ways.
Here's the map of the U.S. if you still haven't figured out where all of the states are located.

I was doing some Googling today regarding new music videos and this one, filmed in a gorgeous house, The Salisbury House, in Des Moines, Iowa,  popped up.

Please enjoy 'On My Final Day' by Christopher Ford, filmed in Iowa 'not the potato state'.

1 comment :

  1. So cool, I loved his "On My Final Day!"
    Loved his piano, Billy Joel'ish style . . .
    And the Iowa part too!!!