Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Cool Pillows

*image via Coolmompicks*

I am in love with quirky pieces, and these little pillows are no different in that I find them completely entertaining and laugh worthy.
If you go to the website where they are sold, you can see my favorite,
I find creativity in people to be a hoot, and then I sit and wonder why I could not have thought of the same thing they did.
I guess I'm simply not as creative as some folks.... 


  1. Really fun . . . Loved Anna . . . I could see you . . .
    I agree . . . why couldn't I have thought of it . .
    Did you purchase one for your new office?

  2. very cool. i bet she would make you personalized ones? right? now that would be great for gifts and what not. very very cool. you always find the greatest items. i think you are special cool. but you say quirky ... i think that is awesome too. nothing wrong with a bit of quirk.
    ha. ha!! ( :