Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tip For The Week

So, here's my tip to all bloggers.
Whether you have a blog or simply read a lot of blogs, this is important, and vital to your health.
See that round, bright light in the above photo?
That is called the sun, and IF you are consistently indoors, as I seem to be, then YOU my friend cannot possibly be getting enough Vitamin D.

 Vitamin D is vital to our health, and the easiest way you can get it naturally is through the sun shining down on your skin.  
Many of us fear too much sun due to it's rays which for many people bring skin cancer.
I am naturally fair skinned, and the fact that I don't go outdoors much, and when I do, I wear a hat and long pants, and many times sleeved shirts, so it's pretty obvious that even if I were not a blogger and sitting at my desk all day, that I would not be getting enough Vitamin D.
if you constantly wear sun screen, as we are all advised to do, then that's not helping the situation either.

for more information about Vitamin D and what D Deficiency can lead to.

We bloggers are constantly indoors and have the seat of our pants attached to our desk chair, so speak to your doctor about Vitamin D.


  1. I go outside and garden everyday and we go camping a lot. I have to get outside, because I have psoriasis and it acts up when I don't get in the sun enough. You're right though... most people don't get enough.


  2. I am too lily white to rely safely on the sun for my D. I take a vitamin D at breakfast, and one after lunch. At my last physical, after starting this, finally, my lab on D was within the normal range. So important for the heart!

  3. Amen! I had a couple of skin cancers removed last year but still I have to go outside! The sunshine and outdoors are good for us in so many ways. The sun just makes me feel good - with sunscreen, of course. :)

  4. Everyone should have a Vit D level done..I was on mega doses for almost a year and now I'm on maintenance 3 times a week..It's important to know what your level is first...I try to stay out of the sun now..5 skin cancers..