Monday, July 13, 2015

Rumble Bumble Sky

 Around midnight last night our skies rumbled as the clouds hung low over the house, and that was just the start of a VERY noisy, rumbling night.
If my count is right, we had three such storms move over the top of us, the third at around 5AM today.
Sometimes I sleep through these events, but last night little Miss Isabelle woke her daddy twice and at the onset of the 5AM storm she came to my side of the bed trying to climb up and into the bed with me,
She doesn't normally attempt to get into our bed during storms,
but since this was the third storm since midnight, she had had ENOUGH!
She needed her peoples' attention and comforting, and so I obliged.
Although she could not get onto our high bed, and I am not strong enough to hoist her onto it,
she and I headed to the sofa in the basement, a place she loves to snuggle into.
We snuggled and nuzzled together until she stopped shaking.
And guess what?
I am going to require a nap today to catch up on my lost sleep,
not due to Isabelle, but due to the rumbling skies overhead.

*bet my husband is glad he mowed the yard yesterday because it's a swamp today*

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