Friday, July 31, 2015

Home Eye Appeal

*our current and past homes*
If you speak 'realtor talk' you know about curb appeal in a home, and it's important if you are planning to sell your home in a timely fashion.  We are not selling ours at this time, but still I love snooping around realty websites to see what's out there, and sure enough.... those pictured that are beautiful on the outside are the first to capture my attention and make me want to take a peek at the inside.

But, what about the inside of the house and it's appeal while we are living in it?
Oh, I know... they say to go with what you love when it comes to decorating, but if you had to put your home on the market, list it for sale asap, what would it say about your style, and do you think it would help in the selling of your home.

I've never been one to go with all one style, but rather am an eclectic person.  I guess it shows that I have a broad interest in home fashion since I don't go for all vintage, or all antiques, completely mid- century look, or totally modern. I like a bit of everything.  Some things I have had FOREVER, and a few items were in the house I grew up in, but that certainly does not give a mid century look to my home, and the fact that I have modern appliances does not pin point my home's style in the category of MODERN.

I love a modern kitchen that makes life easy.  Plenty of space to move around when both of us are cooking at the same time, tons of counter space, and a stove that allows for lots of pots and pans bubbling over all at the same time.
I love a bathroom that has newer tile and not some old stuff that holds nooks and crannies for unsavory smells...  new just cleans up easier when you can wipe it down with a sponge and not have to break fingernails to get it free of germs.
AND lots of counterspace for pretty things, like a glass dish filled with shiny hair clips.  Girly things! and a sink without rust stains from the 1950's.  A sink that LOOKS as clean as it is.

I love a living room/family room that is comfortable and not filled with furniture that belongs in a museum or makes guests wonder if it is legal for them to sit on the antique sofa.  Rooms are made to be used and not just looked at. 
I love color in the home.  The walls may be bland in paint color, but it's what fills them as far as artwork that makes me ooh and aaah when I walk into someone's home.
Let me fill those walls with my own photography... that TOTALLY shows who we are, not some old dog playing poker with his best buddies.

Most of us put together our home's look over a matter of decades, and don't shop one type of store to find the things we love.... instead we just add things as we go that catch our eye, are of a certain color we love, or things that hold a memory of times gone past.
We integrate items and make them work together with what we already have.
I think if I were ever told that "YOU MUST CHOOSE ONE STyLE AND DO YOUR ENTIRE HOME IN THAT STYLE", that I would poke my eyes out, because this life is too small and too short to limit myself in that way.  
I just buy what I love.
Things that speak of who I am and the broad sense of my love for style.  Just as a person's opinions should afford them the right to free expression of who they are in words, so should the interior of their home... and I don't know anyone who does not hold various opinions on various subjects, hence, the eclectic home.
Big house, little house, new house, old house, modern style, vintage style, it's all about what we love.
SO to knock another woman for the home she can afford, and how she decorates it's interior in the way she loves, and then shows it to the blogging world with pride....
that's just wrong.


  1. People do s**t like that because they are envious, unhappy people. No one should take it to heart. My taste is decidedly not mainstream but my home makes me happy and if someone doesn't like it, well, heck they're not living here are they? I can appreciate someone's choices without actually liking them personally. (You have a lovely, lovely home but there is nothing you have shown on the blog that I covet - except maybe the old typewriter and that reclining rabbit LOL)

  2. Who the hell did that? I swear, what the heck is happening to the 'blogging world'...?

    that kind of pettiness just ticks me off. SO unnecessary! Can't we all just get along?

  3. WHAT . . .
    I love each of your home and respect the energy you put in to making your plantings, landscape, setting as beautiful as can be.
    I work hard to keep our home beautiful, my husband does too . . .
    Someone who doesn't . . . WHAT!

  4. Everyone should love their home and it should reflect the person that lives there, which is why I decided long ago to live the way I do. Everything about my home says "me" :)

    Anyone that tells people to do something else is an ass.