Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Quiet Walk

 There he is.... our Rowdy boy.
 He waits for me at the top of the hill.
 "Come on, Mom! You're such a slow poke."
  Best dog we have ever had.
 And then Icky/Izzy appears on the scene.  The instigator.
 And they're off!  A game of chase me, she asks?
 And Rowdy obliges, but he takes a short cut through the trees atop the berm.
 Icky follows.
 Down the berm and into their yard as fast as they can go.
 Then they throw on the brakes and come to a quick stop.
Game over.
 It started off as a quiet walk up the hill.


  1. Lovely scenery..Nice to see the pups again..Happy Wednesday..

  2. absolutely gorgeous terrain. Lucky you and the pups! :)

  3. Beautiful place to walk . . .
    Like that Rowdy boy . . . the stand by faithful one!
    (I like Izzy though too . . . she spices things up!)
    Happy weekend Miss Pepper Medley. . .