Monday, July 20, 2015

A Heartful Reschedule

*image from Pinterest*
Isn't she sweet?
I've been printing more artwork and photos for my office walls because it's STILL in the mid to upper 90's in these here parts of the country and going outdoors is not an option.
I had an appointment with the cardiologist today and we drove all the way into the downtown area of Roanoke only to find as we walked into their offices that their power was off, as it seemed to be in the entire area; street signal lights were out also and police were there directing traffic.  
So..... I had the option of sitting there along with about twenty other people to see when the power company had things up and running again, which could have meant hours in a dark office with no AC power.  Our choice was to sit and wait or reschedule.  They will be calling me soon with another appointment date.  
So, here we are home again after stopping for lunch at The Tap House, where my husband loves the burgers and I enjoy the salads.
As I have said here before and as I say every summer....

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  1. Lee decided we need to spend summers in England!