Friday, June 26, 2015

SCOTUS on Dad's Birthday

Today is a landmark day in our country, the day when all people, no matter their sexual orientation, are afforded the right to ALL rights.  Gay and Lesbians will now have the same rights as Heterosexuals given by the Government.
Rights that they never should have been denied.

It is also the day that were he still living, would be my father's 85th birthday.

And so I asked myself today how Dad would have felt about this decision made by the Supreme Court.
My parents were in many ways different as could be from one another.  Dad being a lot of fun, always with a joke, very loving of his children, but a conservative guy when it came to his beliefs about 'how people should be', and he always enjoyed sitting very near to the front of the church during Sunday sermons.  He opened his free time, his wallet, and his life to his church.  BUT, I do recall a couple of times when he made derogatory comments about people with brown skin, and the comments rubbed me the wrong way.  It's my bet that he felt negatively about gays as well.

Mom, on the other hand, although not openly funny or affectionate, was much more liberal than Dad when it came to her acceptance of people.  In her final two decades of life she lived in Mexico, loved a Mexican man, and adored the people of that country, and I never heard her speak poorly of anyone of color, or speak about anyone's sexual preference.

I can honestly say that Mom, being open-minded, would have been happy and accepting of today's SCOTUS decision, giving rights to a minority group, but I'm not so sure that Dad would have been accepting of it.  
He was old school.
It's not a subject we ever talked about, but some things are simply understood within families and never spoken of.
Happy Birthday, Dad.
No matter your opinion, I still would have loved you.

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  1. Everyone has their own opinion, I guess..certainly changes with the generations as has just been proven..We all have rights..minority or not..