Monday, June 15, 2015

Day Old Hamburger

 There he is again... that husband of mine.
 He's out there grilling shrimp and veggies on kabob sticks.
 He said that all he wanted for dinner was a leftover grilled hamburger from last night, but.....
 when I told him that I didn't want red meat and was having shrimp, he asked if I would like him to grill it for me.

 and he did!

 and you can bet that right about HERE... above.... that he decided that one day old grilled hamburger wasn't looking too hot for dinner.
 AND.... instead we boiled some rice and topped it with the grilled veggies and shrimp with a bit of hot sauce.
 I mean... who needs a day old hamburger when you have this looking up from your dinner plate?


  1. Perfect meal! So fresh and healthy and delicious. Now I'm hungry for shrimp kabobs. I think some garlic infused olive oil sounds good for mine. xo

  2. Yum for sure...wish I had a cook

  3. Indeed . . . day old hamburg, who needs it with shrimp and veggies, pineapple from the grill!