Monday, June 8, 2015

A Home To Age In

 I slipped just inside our woods today to see what the back of the house looks like this late in the springtime.

 I rarely tiptoe out there because I am super skeeeered of snakes and lizards... you know, things that go bump not only in the night, but daytime as well.

 It was super pretty out there with wild things in bloom and it just doesn't get greener than springtime in southwestern Virginia.

 The view was exquisite and the back of our home is truly becoming what we had envisioned when we purchased it.

 It was bland, to say the least, but with much hard work and possibly more money than we had anticipated, it is blossoming into our perfect retirement home.
Larger than we thought we had wanted, and for certain, larger than what most retired people need,
he still speaks of making it perfect so we can sell it.
I told him.... "feet first, Buddy".
Which is what it will take to get me out of this house.

 But, even if we aren't around to sell it, we want it in pristine selling condition so that our children would not have a problem selling it.

Oh, the things you have to think about when you age.
Morbid, eh?


  1. I love the way you have worked on your home. My husband would rather build a barn than work on our house. LOL. (I'm sorry if this has posted twice, I don't think the first one went through.)

  2. Very nice Diane . . . Adding the screened room, decks, stairways and the added porch roof line has really improved the wide expanse look in the back! Good vision and results!

  3. And then sometimes I feel that I want a one bedroom apartment. Clean the whole thing in an hour and no yard work!

  4. It's a lovely home..Enjoy every minute..Forget about the "selling" part...Have a happy week..