Monday, May 11, 2015

Your Blog's Readability

 Today I came across a blog post by Des Walsh on Thinking Home Business.

It's a great write up about the readability of your blog and keeping the language simple and at about an 8th grade reading level.
Are you surprised to know this?
I really wasn't, considering that in my own blog reading I have found that if I have to look up words or stop and think about what the blogger is writing too much, then I find myself clicking away to another blog.

Des Walsh provided THIS LINK to Gift Rocket where you can submit one of your own blog posts and see what level YOUR blog reads at.

Oh, and by the way.... mine reads at an 8th grade level.

To submit one of your posts, go to your blog, click on the post title you wish to submit, copy and paste THAT entire url into to box HERE.

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