Thursday, May 28, 2015

What Should We Do With This Shrimp?

I purchased a pound of nice sized shrimp and we needed to decide what to do with it rather than grilling it as we usually do.
We looked at two recipes online and chose to try Spicy Garlic and Pepper Shrimp from All Recipes.
The only modifications we made were that we used red cabbage rather than green cabbage, and we only used 1 tsp of red pepper flakes rather than two.  We used one pound of shrimp.
*comments online stated it was too hot with two tsps of the pepper flakes*

We had both green cabbage and red cabbage on hand but opted to use the red for it's wonderful color.
The recipe said to use shredded cabbage but the photo they had showed a chopped/torn cabbage.
We shredded our red cabbage but when we make it again we will opt for the chopped or torn cabbage.
It's really just a personal choice/preference, and either will work with this recipe.

It's quite easy, and it's low carb if that is something that interests you.

 I guess one recommendation I can make is to always read any comments given on an online recipe.
It's the reason we used lesser hot red hot pepper flakes and this dish was very THAI hot enough by cutting the amount in half.

 *pouring steamy hot shrimp from wok over the cabbage*

One persons used ginger and when we make it again we will try adding that to the recipe as well.

 Another suggestion might be to serve this over rice, but we enjoyed it without.

 The color of the red cabbage made this a super eye candy dish to eat and I think it would be fun easy and tasty to serve to dinner guests.
We used a full pound of shrimp which is four good sized servings.

 It was SUPER delicious and we will be having the leftovers for dinner this evening.

I hope you have enjoyed these photos and that you will try this recipe.


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  1. If I hadn't developed a shrimp allergy, I would give it a go. It looks delish!