Thursday, May 21, 2015

Fashion For Retirement

 Being comfortable is a must for me.
No more trying to be fashionable unless it brings comfort to this aging body.
I'm retired and not many dresses find their way into my closet these days,
so pants it is.

 I am always either hot or cold and it's rare that I can honestly say that the temperature is perfect,  and lately it's either been too sticky outdoors or too chilly indoors due to a husband that likes to keep things at a temperature you can leave a frozen Ding Dong on the counter for days before it thaws completely.

That said, you will seldom find me in shorts... but instead my trusty Inc. Ponte pants that I purchased last fall at Macy's.  I have three pair and they see MUCH use and if they sell them again this coming fall I'll most likely get more.  I mean, if you aren't buying what you love, then you aren't going to wear it and it ends up in the Goodwill pile.

Along with these simple slacks, I wear a simple sleeveless button down shirt. It's a no-iron that I can wash, give it a shake, and hang to dry.  A bright summery beaded necklace and a very lightweight yellow and white scarf at the neck complete the look, and if I am chilly indoors a light sweater takes care of that little problem for me

The brown leather hat has been in my fashion arsenal for a long time.  It goes nearly everywhere I go and keeps the sun off my fair hair and skin.  I've seen far too many wrinkly ladies to NOT wear a wide brimmed hat.

 Did I tell you I love cheap flip flops?
This pair is black and from Wal-Mart.
A bargain at .98 cents.  Oh... you go ahead and wear your fancy schmancy flip flops... these do the trick just fine for me; I also have a pair of pink ones, should I choose to change my 'look'.  LOL

 I'd rather spend my money on pretty blooming bushes this time of the year.
Check out my mock orange that's just finishing up blooming for the season.
I am so thankful it survived our harsh winter!


  1. You always look lovely.

    I've not been able to respond to your comments on my blog; you're coming up as a "no reply" blogger for some reason.

  2. I do like the look of those pants. I wear t-shirt dresses around the house and pants when I go out...

  3. Yay for a blooming Mock Orange . . .
    I like your look and style . . .
    Flip flops aren't enough comfort for my feet . . .
    White blouse, simple black cropped pant, boyfriend jean make up my casual look . . .
    Colorful scarves change up my look too . . .

  4. Great pants..The Mock orange is beautiful..Have a happy weekend..

  5. I love when you find a piece of clothing that just works for you. My very favorite is the ponte knit skirts from J.Jill (fall/winter line) that I wear nearly daily. I pay $60/piece for them and if you divide that by how many times I wear them, they were a steal.