Saturday, May 16, 2015

No Dirty Hands

 Cabin fever sometimes strikes when I least expect it, so I drive a few miles down the road and find a garden center.  This is a great looking sign on their fence.

 This is the Southern States store.
I guess you could say it is a bit more of a farmer's garden center, only because of what they sell inside the store.
Overalls, flannel shirts, rain gear, seeds, pet supplies, etc.
There is no 'frou frou' fancy gift center inside as there is at the garden center in town.

 So depending on my mood or what I am hoping to find on a given cabin fever day,
I choose one or the other to stroll the aisles and aisles of flowers on flatbeds.

Garden centers are places you can walk, think, shop, shake off the cabin fever blues, do a bit of photography, and let your imagination design the perfect yard for you... in your head of course.
I never did like getting my hands dirty.

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  1. I have done exactly that in the past..Time for a revisit...Enjoy your weekend..