Tuesday, May 12, 2015

New Day

*our garden*

 Each and every day at our house is a new day with new activities happening.
For instance.... LETTUCE and RADISHES.... they are up and at 'em today, and won't it be nice to finally take lettuce off of my grocery shopping list each week and eat food without pesticides!!
We are chomping at the bit to be able to pick and enjoy the fruits of our labor so to speak.

*our backyard*

Most likely readers here on Pepper Medley have noticed our backyard and it's mean slope from the back of the house down to the garden area.  It's VERY steep, and difficult at our age, to climb back up the hill after gardening.
Today we are making calls for quotes on dirt fill to be brought in and then graded to a lesser incline.
What an improvement to our property this will be!
Heard the expression 'Dirt Cheap'?  Well, we certainly hope so.

 *our cedar patch path in all it's sunshiney glory*

And lastly.
Today is May 12th, the day back in 1972 when the C-130 Air Force plane my husband served in, took a hit from a missile and limped back to it's base in Viet Nam with a large gash in it.
One man was injured, but survived.  I'm not sure he ever went up with the crew again, and who can blame him.

And so, we will be going out to lunch for a HUGE Angus burger that my husband is hankering for, to celebrate the day that the crew he flew with survived.

 It's a new day and needs to be enjoyed to the fullest since any day could be a last day.

 *photos of damage to C-130*

The person on the left is my husband in 1972 as the crew checks out the damage from the missile after returning to base.

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  1. A day worth celebrating indeed . . .

    I wonder how "dirt cheap" the fill dirt will be . . . good idea though . . .