Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Found On Etsy

Please note that I have not purchased any of these items that I found on Etsy.
Just passing along ideas to you of items I find to be beautiful.

Mountain Stud Earrings
So simple and sweet for everyday wear or for dress up as well.
I'd wear with jeans and a tshirt and never ever take them out of my ears.

Why not add a bit of fun personality to a room!
May need to order this for my family room.

No, I shan't ever marry again, but this would be a sweet choice if I were.
I'm not sure why the world is not over the strapless wedding dresses as of yet when there are so many other feminine and demure choices.  
This one stirs the old fashioned romantic in me and for a woman 'of age' it would be a good choice.
You too, young ladies.
Leave the strapless gowns on the rack at the store, be unique, be original and break away from the pack of gals yanking at the front of their gowns all day long, and try something on that you can be proud of when your children see your wedding photos one day.

These are only a few small reasons as to why I love Etsy.

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