Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Mailbox

Some things are simply over-looked for a VERY long time.

Sometimes it's the very first impression that people get of you and your property.

 Your mailbox.

 Ours was looking sad, abandoned perhaps?  Mistreated?  Forgotten about?  Left to rust?

 It was in dire need of a painting, so my husband took care of that and tidied it up a few days ago.

Now it's taken on a fresh new look, all for the price of... well... the price of nothing since we had a partially used can of black spray paint in the workroom.
I'm certain that our mail lady will be impressed beyond words.

 Rowdy and Izzy trotted most of the way down the lane with me as I went to gawk at the paint job that their dad had done.

 They're good pups and only followed me about three quarters of the way down the lane.  They never go to the road unless invited to do so or if they have their collars on, which signals that they are being taken for a walk on a leash.

 Rowdy stood at the side of the lane and appeared bored.

 Isabelle turned and headed back to the house.

 Then she stopped, turned, looked,

and waited for Rowdy and I to come along with her.
Rowdy simply stood, looking a bit bewildered that she was contemplating leaving without us.
Such a quiet life we lead, when walking down the lane to the road is something we blog about.


  1. Enjoy springtime in your little slice of the world . . .
    Loved seeing the blooming Forsysthia . .

  2. So glad to have found you again! Your postboxes are adorable.