Friday, April 10, 2015

Stand Alone Streaming HBO

  HBO GO, the stand alone streaming, was released a few days ago, and I had always been curious about the Game Of Thrones show on HBO, so I began watching it.

 *It has a lot of sex scenes in it so if you have young children, DO NOT watch this show when they are awake and roaming the house.*

My husband is generally not impressed with shows of this type of genre, but he has asked me "not to watch the show" when he is not available to watch it as well.
In fact he even wanted us to watch two episodes in a row which he never does.
Must be the sex part he likes?
Must be the action and the bloody murders by sword?
Whatever the reason, we are enjoying it as we delve into season one and look forward to what is to come of these fine families.

I have read some wikis and also a few of the season spoilers,
but I will leave the surprises to my husband and won't tell him what lies ahead for Ned Stark and his family who really seem to be the only sane ones of the show thus far.

Go Starks!!

*all photos on this posting are images captured from the internet and not owned by me*


  1. Ah, Game of Thrones captures another! I have been watching it from the get-go. I have a friend who may be interested in HBO-Go; I will have to tell her about it. I am really excited to see the start of Season 5 on Sunday.

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