Monday, April 13, 2015

Lovely Things

Here are a few lovely things to look at this week.
Hoping your week is perfect!

 Lovely fluid moves.
*found on vimeo*
 Petals flowing peacefully.
*found on annstreetstudio*

 The loveliness of my eldest grandchild.

 The beauty of a woodtop kitchen island.
*found on Pinterest*

Something to sip on
(*image owned by Pepper Medley*)

What a long marriage looks like when two people stay together through trials and tribulations.
*image by Diana Walker*


  1. A lovely series of shots! Your granddaughter is beautiful.

  2. Oh my, your eldest granddaughter is stunning. . . .
    Look at THOSE eyes . . ,

  3. I agree, your granddaughter is beyond lovely!

    That sweet photo of Hillary and Bill!